Employer’s health insurance

ERGO employer’s health insurance complements national health insurance and provides added value to the employee motivation package.

In Estonia, companies are exempt from fringe benefit tax on the promotion of employee health, including health insurance premiums of up to 100 euros a quarter (400 euros a year). The tax incentive applies if the employer offers the possibility of concluding a health insurance contract to all employees of the company.

With ERGO health insurance:

  • the employees can see a doctor faster and, thanks to that, the number of days on sick leace decreases 
  • the expenses of routine healtch checks that contribute to the early detection of possible health problems are also covered
  • you create added value for your employees, which is an advantage when recruiting new staff and designing the reputation of the company.

Health insurance packages for small companies:

Insurance plan Medical services
Health Mini
Health Midi
Health Maksi

Total sum insured i

1 550 € 1 750 € 17 600 €

Outpatient family doctor and specialist medical care i

1 500 € 1 500 € 2 000 €

Dental care i

0 € 150 € 200 €

Prophylactic examinations i

50 € 100 € 200 €

Rehabilitation prescribed by the doctor i

0 € 0 € 200 €

Inpatient treatment i

0 € 0 € 5 000 €

Critical illnesses i

0 € 0 € 5 000 €

Treatment of teeth damaged in an accident i

0 € 0 € 2 500 €

Rehabilitation after an accident and related aids i

0 € 0 € 2 500 €

If ERGO health insurance packages do not correspond to the insurable interest of the employer or employee, we can also offer insurance solutions adjusted for the needs of the company.

Ask for an offer

Ask for advice:

  • by calling +372 610 6500
  • by sending an e-mail to info@ergo.ee
  • or by visiting the nearest ERGO office.

In case of a health problem

  • Contact any of ERGO's medical partners or a doctor suitable for you.
  • When making an appointment with a doctor, make sure to mention that you have ERGO health insurance. If you turn to our medical partner, you do not have to pay for the health services yourself, ERGO will do that for you. 
  • When seeing a doctor, please take an identity document with you. 
  • If you choose a doctor who is not included in the list of ERGO's medical partners, you have to pay the invoice yourself at first and thereafter fill in a claim notice on ERGO's website or in the ERGO Estonia mobile app for reimbursement of expenses.

ERGO health app

  • Descriptions of your health insurance cover on your phone
  • Documents can be conveniently sent after visiting the doctor
  • Filling in the claim’s application for receiving the benefit is fast
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