Employer’s health insurance

Estonia enjoys a good level of national health insurance; however, access to special medical services is made difficult due to long queues. ERGO employer’s health insurance complements national health insurance and provides good added value to the employee motivation package. Voluntary health insurance covers the costs of paid medical services (such as dental care, rehabilitation, vaccinations, and paid doctor’s appointments) through insurance.

Health insurance benefits for the employer:

  • Complements the incentive scheme
    Every employee appreciates an employer who supports health promotion. Added value without additional tax costs.
  • Lower costs for the employee’s health promotion
    Allows for the costs of mandatory employee health check-ups, purchase of glasses, and vaccinations to be covered.
  • Employee is more efficient
    By getting a quick solution to a health concern, the employee returns to their daily tasks faster.
  • Quick reimbursement of expenses 
    The employee communicates directly with the insurer in order to receive the indemnity and does not have to involve the employer.

Depending on the risk factors in the work environment, the needs of employees may differ. Please contact us for the most suitable insurance solution for your company.

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The most preferred health insurance protections by ERGO’s clients are:

Protection Benefit
Outpatient (paid) family and specialised care employee will receive urgent medical care and the requisite examinations, if necessary
Dental care employee can get rid of expensive dental bills
Preventive health checks employee can find out more about your health and, if he wish, take a COVID-test without exhibiting symptoms of disease


  • By insuring with ERGO, you can offer your employees worry-free claims handling, because in ERGO partner institution, the employee only pays deductible.
  • In Estonia, companies are exempt from fringe benefit tax on the promotion of employee health, including health insurance payments of up to EUR 100 per quarter (EUR 400 per employee per year). The tax exemption applies, provided that the employer offers all of the company’s employees the possibility of concluding a health insurance contract
  • By downloading the ‘ERGO Estonia’ application from GooglePlay or the AppStore to your phone, the insured person can see the protections agreed upon in the insurance contract and conveniently submit a claim.
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