ERGO Life insurance+ for companies

Every company values its employees the most. Dear company manager, ERGO Life insurance+ is an option to add to your employees’ motivation package. ERGO Life insurance+ is so flexible that you can choose the person you insure, the insurance coverage, and the insurance amounts. Provide your employees with the sense of security they need and ensure your image as a caring employer.

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Life insurance+ gives your employees the reassurance that their family will be financially covered in the event of an accident or death.

Unfortunately, people get sick from time to time, and recovering from a serious illness or coping with a life-threatening disease is difficult enough without other commitments. We will help your employees if they fall seriously ill. We provide insurance coverage until employee reaches the age of 75.

Cancer insurance and coverage for up to 38 critical illnesses. Around 10,000 people in Estonia are annually diagnosed with cancer. Modern medicine has bravely confronted the diseases, but the treatment journey is still difficult. The insurance helps you to focus on getting better after you are diagnosed. We provide insurance coverage until employee reaches the age of 69.

No work ability coverage. An accident or illness can deprive you of your ability to work. Its scope is determined by the experts of the Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund. The insurance will help you if a medically proven illness or injury results in a situation where there is no work ability for at least 12 consecutive months. The insurance applies to employees aged 18–64.

Daily hospital allowance coverage. None of us wants to end up in hospital, but there is often no other way to recover from a serious accident or illness. For the first time in Estonia, you can choose ERGO’s daily hospital allowance insurance, i.e. the indemnity for days spent in hospital. You can take out the insurance for employees who are up to 69 years old, and the daily hospital allowance is paid for a maximum of 182 days per year.

Accident insurance. With accident insurance you can insure your employees in the event of permanent disability, death or trauma. In addition, we offer daily allowance indemnity and coverage for supplementary medical assistance.

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Why insure your empolyees with ERGO?

  • Direct step towards becoming a more caring company
  • Increased commitment, sense of security, and loyalty of employees
  • More versatile and modern motivation package
  • Better focus on getting better to ensure that employee returns to work faster
  • Employer demonstrates responsibility and family-friendliness
  • Insurance coverage valid 24/7 worldwide