Insurance solutions for design and engineering companies

The work of architects, designers and civil engineers is responsible and encompasses certain specific risks. Errors in professional activities may lead to financial loss, for example for the party who orders the building or for the constructor. These are the risks you have to take into account. To manage these risks better, we recommend to buy insurance. This way the company can focus on its core business and leave the mitigation of risks to ERGO.

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Corporate clients’ insurance solutions can sometimes be quite complex. Our professional corporate clients administrators help to choose the right insurance solutions that fit the needs of the company, so that the company could be protected against all possible risks in the right amount. Please contact us and we will help you to manage your risks!

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What kind of risks may materialise?

In civil engineering specialities several risks must be taken into account. Here are some real-life examples of insured events.

Damage to equipment

Theodolite fell down and got damaged during geodetic field work, which is compensated in case there is a property insurance.


The office of the designer was broken into and valuable laptop was stolen.

Design defect

The designer made an error in calculating the load-bearing construction strength of the building, resulting in collapse of the house. Monetary claims that were filed against the designer in relation to the damages to the building, damages to movable property in the building and damages incurred to people, were compensated under the designer’s professional liability insurance.