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Insurance solutions for healthcare companies

Companies offering health care might face risks that can cost valuable time and money. There is a lot of valuable equipment in health care organisations that can be destroyed or stolen. Damage to patients caused by the professional error of a member of medical staff might also occur. These are the risks you have to take into account. To manage these risks better, we recommend to buy insurance. This way the company can focus on its core business and leave the mitigation of risks to ERGO.

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Corporate clients’ insurance solutions can sometimes be quite complex. Our professional corporate clients administrators help to choose the right insurance solutions that fit the needs of the company, so that the company could be protected against all possible risks in the right amount. Please contact us and we will help you to manage your risks!

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What kind of risks may materialise?

A company operating in health care sector faces various risks. Here are some real-life examples of insured events.

Failure of an air-conditioning appliance

As a result of the failure, medical equipment and medications get damaged due to condensation.

Power supply interruption in a hospital

Power supply interruption caused overvoltage resulting in failure of various pieces of equipment.

Error in treatment in a hospital

Tumor was not detected during mammography and therefore the patient was not diagnosed in time. As a consequence, the life of the patient could not be saved. In the late phase of the tumor the patient bore significant additional costs and after the patient’s death funeral costs and compensation to minor children had to be paid.