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Insurance solutions for property maintenance companies

Under property maintenance a company might offer services like cleaning, territory maintenance and other easier maintenance works. A lot can happen during the works – for example, accidents at work might occur on the just washed slippery floor or the property of a third person might get damaged during the cleaning. These are the risks a company offering property maintenance faces. To manage these risks better, we recommend to buy insurance. This way the company can focus on its core business and leave the mitigation of risks to ERGO.

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Corporate clients’ insurance solutions can sometimes be quite complex. Our professional corporate clients administrators help to choose the right insurance solutions that fit the needs of the company, so that the company could be protected against all possible risks in the right amount. Please contact us and we will help you to manage your risks!

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What kind of risks may materialise?

A company offering property maintenance faces various risks. Here are some real-life examples of insured events.

Janitor was negligent with the floor cleaning machine

Due to negligence a janitor hits a smoothie booth in the lobby of the shopping centre with a floor cleaning machine, and both the booth and the shop assistant standing behind it get harmed.