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Insurance solutions for retail and storage companies

Various different unexpected surprises can occur in trade sector that can cost valuable time and money for your company. For example, goods in warehouse or in store might get damaged or even destroyed. It is also possible that the building or equipment get damaged – for example due to fire or water damage. These are the risks that every company operating in trade and storage sector faces. To manage these risks better, we recommend to buy insurance. This way the company can focus on its core business and leave the mitigation of risks to ERGO.

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Corporate clients’ insurance solutions can sometimes be quite complex. Our professional corporate clients administrators help to choose the right insurance solutions that fit the needs of the company, so that the company could be protected against all possible risks in the right amount. Please contact us and we will help you to manage your risks!

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What kind of risks may materialise?

A company operating in trade sector faces various risks. Here are some real-life examples of insured events.

Water pipe breaks in the shopping centre

Water pipe breaks in the shopping centre causing damage to several sale spaces, including the goods and furnishings therein. The stores cannot continue their everyday business, which is why they cannot earn their income, but still have to pay the fixed costs like loans and salaries.

Burglary takes place

Electronics store is burgled at night – burglars loot dozens of phones and computers.

Shelves fall over in the warehouse

Warehouse worker crashes into a shelf with a lift-van. As a result the shelf falls over and takes along also other shelves.