Marine Cargo Insurance

Thousands of air, sea and road cargo shipments are handled daily. It is the common wish of the consigner and the consignee that the shipment be delivered safely. However, it is impossible to foresee and prevent all risks on the way. If anything happens to our shipment, cargo insurance will pay.

ERGO’s Marine Cargo Insurance has been designed both for individuals as well as legal entities. The policyholder may be the owner, or lawful possessor of the cargo, or any other person directly engaged in cargo shipment.

ERGO’s Marine Cargo Insurance offers an opportunity to insure goods shipped from point A to point B. Subject to special agreement, we also insure cargo, which are not an object of sales-purchase transaction, but are in the ownership of the policyholder, which the latter takes from one point to another: showpieces, chattels (in the case of moving), etc.

Only cargo shipped by transportation vehicles or means, which meet the requirements established for transporting the cargo, are insured.

It is possible to buy either a single policy for a single shipment or a long-term policy or the so-called open cover policy (normally for a term of 1 year) for several cargo shipments.

ERGO’s Marine Cargo Insurance provides coverage for cargo loss or damage arising from the causes such as:
  • robbery
  • fire
  • traffic accident
  • elemental forces, etc.
Insurance can be effected against all risks or against a specific risk. An insurance contract is signed in accordance with the Institute Cargo Clauses of the Institute London Underwriters.

General terms and conditions of insurance contracts KT.0898.12
General terms and conditions of insurance contracts KT.0806.11 (Valid for contracts issued until 31.10.2012)
Terms and conditions of cargo insurance KT.0485.09
Application for cargo insurance. Single shipment
Application for cargo insurance. Open cover

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