Our goal is to bring joy to many homes in Estonia, which is why we support both the recreational sport as well as Olympic sport.  As an insurance undertaking, we value timeless sports demanding determination, as well as team sports. Our support goes to the Estonian professional athletes getting ready for the Olympics, recreational athletes participating in the city racing series, and young golfers.

We support the Olympic movement

Since 2010, together with the Estonian Olympic Committee we support the Estonian athletes preparing for the Olympics. We provide a sense of security to Estonian top skiers and prominent track-and-field athletes so that they can focus on getting ready for the Olympics.

The Estonian city racing series

We value healthy habits by supporting recreational sports. We are a sponsor of the Estonian city run series for amateur athletes. We give our contribution to the organisation Tartu Olympic Run, Narva Energy Run, and SEB Tallinn marathon. At Tartu Olympic Run, we are also the organisers of ERGO Kids’ Olympics.
More information available on the web page of the city run series.