New! Cancer insurance

Cancer insurance helps when a person is diagnosed with a malignant neoplasm. Modern medicine has made a great progress in cancer treatment. Nowadays, cancer is no longer a death sentence but a disease that can be overcome in most of the cases. But oncological diseases are associated with a complicated and expensive treatment and difficult diagnostics – it is not surprising that a lot of people want to protect themselves preventively.

Cancer insurance does not reduce the risk of falling ill, but makes it possible to start treatment as soon as possible and, instead of solving everyday problems, focus only on the main issue: your health.

How does cancer insurance work?

  • A cancer insurance contract can be entered into by a person of 18 to 55 years of age
  • Please examine the insurance terms and conditions and choose the sum insured that is suitable for you
  • Insurance premiums depend on the age of the insured person and the sum chosen
  • It is fast and convenient to buy a policy on our website
  • If the insured person is diagnosed with a cancer, they will receive 100%, 20% or 10% of the chosen sum insured.
  • The amount of the indemnity depends on the diagnosis and the severity of the disease.
  • The maximum indemnity may be up to 130% of the sum chosen.
  • The waiting period is six months of entry into force of the insurance contract. The insurance cover is not valid during the waiting period, i.e. if the insured person is diagnosed with a malignant neoplasm in the period from entry into force of the insurance contract to the end of the waiting period, we will not pay the insurance indemnity.

Why buy cancer insurance

  • With the help of the insurance you can undergo examinations not indemnified by the Estonian Health Insurance Fund and use the most modern methods for treatment
  • You can choose the sum insured of up to 100,000 euros
  • Your minor children are also automatically insured with you to the extent of 50% of the chosen sum insured, maximum 25,000 euros
  • If you want to obtain insurance or have any questions, please contact us.
  • Ask for a consultation

Good to know

  • ERGO cancer insurance is a unique insurance in Estonia, which helps in the case of cancers
  • According to the forecasts of the World Health Organization, by 2040 cancers become the main reason for mortality in the world
  • From cancer insurance premiums, ERGO supports the Estonian Cancer Society
  • An indemnity, which has already been paid out, does not reduce the sum insured under the contract, except if 100% of the sum insured is paid out right after receiving the diagnosis