Home insurance MAKSI

Maksi is all risk home insurance offering insurance protection against almost anything that can happen to your home. The home as well as home contents and the structures belonging to it are insured against fire, water damage, natural disaster, vandalism and burglary. Also such unexpected occurrences are covered that cannot be defined and which are not excluded. The list of exclusions is set out in the insurance conditions.

Home insurance contract includes free compensation of temporary residence rental expenses up to 3200 euros.

There are some simple decisions that have to be made also in case of Maksi package.
  • Do you wish to insure only your home or the home contents, too?
  • Do you wish liability insurance? It helps, if during administration of your home losses have incurred to other persons – for example a burst water pipe in your apartment has flooded the rooms of a neighbour.
  • Do you wish extended liability insurance? It helps, if the loss is caused by you or by your family members or pets at home or abroad. For example you take your dog along on a trip and during the trip it kills the hens of a farmer.
The price of Maksi package is designed similarly to the Midi package in course of thorough risk assessment. During individual consultation the location of the home as well as the person who is insuring are taken into account. That means that insuring home with ERGO can be pretty cheap for a long-term client!

In insuring an apartment, ERGO does not make any restrictions on the compensable insurance payout, but by all means guarantees the compensation of all expenses for the reconstruction of the apartment to its previous condition.

In the Maksi package an insurance event is defined in this way that all is insured that is not excluded. The precondition is, that the event was unexpected and unforeseeable.

ERGO Maksi is suitable for a person wishing maximum feeling of security.

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