Home insurance MIDI

Midi package can be described as a tailor-made insurance product – everyone can choose exactly the risks, against which home or home contents are insured. The list of options is long and detailed.

  • Fire. Losses caused by fire, soot and smoke, lightning, explosion or plane crash are compensated for.
  • Water. Water damage can be caused by bursting pipes, household appliances connected to water network, a tap that was forgotten open out of negligence or water having flown out of an aquarium.
  • Natural disaster. Losses caused by storm, hail or ridged ice are compensated for.
  •  Natural flood.  
  • Vandalism. Losses caused by third parties, breaking of window glasses etc. are compensated for.
  • Burglary. Losses caused by breaking in, robbery or destruction of home property are compensated for.
  • Liability insurance. Losses caused to the property of third persons by you while managing your apartment are compensated for (for example when a water pipe having burst in your apartment floods the living space of the neighbour below you).
  • Rent expenses for temporary residence. If your house or apartment has become uninhabitable as a result of an insured event, the rent expenses for temporary residence and moving costs are compensated for.
Home insurance contract includes free compensation of temporary residence rental expenses up to 3200 euros.

The price of the package depends on risk evaluation which is drawn up with the help of a specialist of ERGO. The price is determined by the circumstance, against which risks you wish to insure and which deductible amount you choose for every risk. Upon individual consultation the location of the home, earlier insurance events and the duration of client relationship are taken into account. As a result of all this the price of the Midi package can turn out pretty cheap.

You can reduce your payments even more, if you take additional security measures in your home. A fire or alarm signalisation system for example makes your home more secure and you have to pay less for the insurance contract. Even a most simple smoke detector makes the insurance cheaper!

In insuring an apartment, ERGO does not make any restrictions on the compensable insurance payout, but by all means guarantees the compensation of all expenses for the reconstruction of the apartment to its previous condition.

In terms of the Midi package of ERGO home insurance an insurance event is defined as an unexpected and unforeseeable event which is exactly determined in the insurance conditions. In case an occurrence does not correspond to this, it is not an insurance event.

ERGO Midi is suitable for a person who would like to deal more profoundly with insuring his home.

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