Home insurance

In the case of an accident involving your home or household property, we will cover the damage and help to restore the condition prior to the accident. You can insure your apartment, house,  terraced house box, house, outbuilding, summer cottage as well as a house still under construction.

We apologize, our home insurance e-office calculator is currently only in Estonian and Russian, but we would be happy to help you and create a personal offer. Ask for an offer here.

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Why insure in ERGO?

    • Free ERGO 24/7 home assistance in case of an accident at home
    • Free legal assistance in matters related to your home
    • We will compensate first-time damage caused by storm water runoff to interior finishing and/or household property (up to 3000 euros) if water has not entered the building within the last five (5) years
    • if the home has become uninhabitable due to an accident, we will cover the removal and rent costs related to the temporary residence
    • We will compensate damage caused to the utility system (e.g. heat pump, boiler) up to seven (7) years of age, caused by the electrical supply or internal electrical or mechanical failures of the device itself 
    • We will restore the greenery, if it is damaged due to an home accident

What is compensated under ERGO home insurance?

ERGO offers two home insurance packages. ERGO Midi is suitable for you, if you want to choose yourself, which protection is nessescary for your property. However, ERGO Maksi offers you the opportunity to get maximum protection at once.

Rent expenses for temporary residence
Water accident
Vandalism, burglary
Other accidents
Water entering protection
Damage due to consturction defects
ERGO home assistance
Home contents insurance
Liability insurance
Extended liability insurance


Home contents insurance

Liability insurance

Extended liability insurance

What else can you insure together with your home?

We offer the possibility to insure also your pet together with home insurance. If you are renting a home, we also have a home insurance for the tenant.

Pet insurance – an animal, just like a human being, may fall ill or get into an accident. We offer the possibility to insure your pet together with home insurance. We will insure cats and dogs aged from four months up to eight years. You can choose a suitable veterinarian yourself for your pet. More information here

Insurance for the tenant
– as a tenant you can get yourself a home contents insurance and liability insurance to protect your personal belongings or that of your family and to cover damages incurred to a third party. More information here

Home insurance FAQ

Can I insure solar panels and what is the insured amount?

If I don’t insure my pet, can I still add the extended liability insurance to my home?

How the damage is compensated in case of the household property insurance, if I don’t have any purchase receipts? What will be the basis for compensation?

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