Legal protection insurance

  • Is the hotel offered by a travel agency inferior to that which was promised?
  • Did your employer dismiss you for no reason?
  • Did the shop not take back the camera that broke within the first few days?
  • Did the car repair shop provide poor service?
  • Did the insurer refuse to reimburse damages without grounds?

What is legal protection insurance? 

Legal protection insurance will help in situations, where you or your family have suffered injustices and this results in financial expenditures or lost indemnity. ERGO will reimburse the money spent on establishing justice, will stand up for your rights and provide guidance on how to behave in the situation.

ERGO legal protection insurance helps if you have been involved in disputes in connection with...

...employment or service relationships
You are not satisfied with the amount of final settlement or the employment contract was terminated unlawfully.
The car repaired at the repair shop breaks down again within a couple of days. The repair shop refuses to repair the failure without charge, even though you have already paid for this repair.
...insurance contract
Insurer offers less money for indemnity than the amount of damage caused to you without grounds.
...causing non-contractual damage
Property management company has failed to remove icicles, as a result of which the icicle has fallen onto your car and the property management company refuses to compensate the caused damage.
...consumer rights

The seller unjustifiably refuses to repair or replace deficient goods.
...immovable or movable
You upper neighbour’s water pipe explodes and as a result, the interior of your apartment is ruined. The person causing the damage refuses to compensate the damages caused.

Doing justice is...

...expensive, complicated and time-consuming
Practice shows that whenever a private individual is engaged in a dispute where the other party is stronger, the private individual as the weaker party is often patronised. Based on the experience of ERGO, however, it may be stated that the counterparties take customers of legal protection insurance much more seriously. Often, the disputes of ERGO clients never go to trial, but are resolved by negotiations – if the counterparty understands that thanks to insurance, the person who filed the claim has sufficient funds for going to court, they would rather solve the problem quickly and with less expenses.

ERGO legal protection insurance will reimburse you the following costs:

  • Costs for the representative, witnesses and forensic research
  • State fees
  • Legal costs of the other party in a civil proceeding
  • Your travel costs in attending court cases in other countries and translation or interpreting costs during court sessions  
  • Enforcement expenses

Legal advice

In the case of legal disputes and in matters related to insured events you will always get help via the ERGO legal aid helpline.

Pick the best for you from among two products:

Additional cover in disputes related to vehicles:
Also reimburses, in addition to the list contained in the private customer’s product, the legal assistance costs of you and your family incurred in disputes related to owning or driving a vehicle.
Monthly fee of EUR 3 will be added.

Reimbursed legal expenses
Private customer
Vehicle owner
in disputes related to employment or service relationships
in disputes related to accidents

in disputes related to consumer rights
in home-related disputes
in disputes with insurance companies
in disputes related to vehiclescan be selected
 Selected sum insured 10000 / 15000 / 20000 10000

The number of insured events in a year is not limited.
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