Legal protection insurance

Legal Protection Insurance will protect you and your family against the impact of life’s unexpected legal challenges. Legal Protection Insurance cover the costs (e.g. legal fees and expenses of a lawyer) incurred in case of an unforeseen legal matter. ERGO Legal Protection Insurance facilitates access to law and justice by providing legal advice and covering legal costs of a dispute, regardless of whether the case is brought by or against the policyholder.

Select a suitable Legal Protection Insurance solution for yourself and your family

Cover for legal cost shown in the table (EUR 10,000, EUR 15,000 or EUR 20,000) is the limit of indemnity per one unforeseen insured legal matter.

10 000 €

9 €
3 €
3 €
3 €/each
9 € per month
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15 000 €

12,75 €
4,25 €
3 €
3 €/each
12,75 € per month
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20 000 €

15 €
5 €
3 €
3 €/each
15 € per month
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ERGO Legal Protection Insurance helps if you have been involved in disputes in connection with:

  • employment or service relationships 
    For example: You are not satisfied with the amount of your final settlement or if you are unfairly dismissed. 
  • motor legal expenses 
    For example: your car service provider does not want to fix a problem that reappears a few days after the car has been repaired, for free. 
  • insurance contract 
    For example: An insurer unfairly offers you a small insurance indemnity that does not cover the damage. 
  • the causing of non-contractual damage 
    For example: Your car was damaged by an icicle falling off a house; however, the landlord is unwilling to pay for the damage. 
  • consumer rights 
    For example: The seller refuses to repair or replace faulty goods. 
  • immovable property or movables
    For example, the neighbour living above you has suffered a broken water pipe and your home has been ruined; however, the neighbour refuses to compensate you for the damage.

Please read more about insurance coverage and details: View the terms and conditions of the product and the general terms and conditions