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Life and accident insurance

In the event of an accident or illness, ERGO life and accident insurance help you to repay your home loan or leasing, cover the daily expenses of your family, pay for rehabilitation therapy, and for a carer as well, if required. Professional advisors at ERGO are always there to help with selecting the most suitable coverage for you.

Our advantages

  • The contract is valid until the age of 75 regardless of what health problems might occur in between.
  • Insurance coverage is valid globally 24/7.
  • The contract is flexible – the sum insured and the cover can be changed to meet your needs.
  • Critical illness cover is of help in mitigating the consequences of serious illnesses (such as stroke, infarction, malignant tumours)
  • Only at ERGO you can insure children against critical illnesses.
  • Additional discount for life insurance contracts for people practising a healthy lifestyle.
  • At ERGO, you can take out accident insurance for the whole family with a single contract.
  • ERGO will indemnify the treatment and restoration of teeth that were damaged in an accident.
  • Payments under life insurance are exempt from income tax.

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Insurance cover

Life insurance
Full incapacity of work
Critical illnesses
Hospital daily allowance
Accident insurance

Good to know

Depending on your selected insurance cover and the amount of it, you or your close ones can for example:
  • pay for the rehabilitation
  • pay caregiver's salary
  • repay a bank loan
  • cover daily expenditures of the family
The good chance to value yourself and your family is to take out a life insurance contract to get the indemnity in case of unforeseen illnesses or accidents


When choosing the sum insured

Choosing the sum insured in the case of life insurance

Choosing the sum insured in the case of accident insurance

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I am on parental leave; will I receive a daily allowance if I do not go to work, but receive parental benefits?

I work abroad; can I select a daily allowance for my contract, and in the case of an event, will I receive it, even if I do not pay taxes in Estonia?

If I have selected death coverage in both life and accident insurance, will money be disbursed under both contracts in the case of an event?

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