Additional covers

The customer can choose the most suitable additional cover from among the insurance cover offered by ERGO in order to extend their insurance coverage.

Damage, destruction or theft of luggage is indemnified only if you have opted for fully comprehensive insurance. You can choose between three sums to be insured: 1) 640 euros; 2) 1600 euros; or 3) 3200 euros. The excess is the excess selected in the main policy. Destruction of luggage stored in an attached trailer is indemnified only in the event that the damage was caused by a sudden and unforeseeable external mechanical force (incl. traffic accident), provided that the main policy includes the additional luggage and replacement trailer covers.

Replacement trailer cover covers a trailer attached to the vehicle specified in the main policy. In the case of an insured event covered by the replacement trailer cover, the items in the trailer are not subject to indemnification (unless the insurance contract includes luggage cover).

Window cover covers, at your request, either the windscreen or all of the windows. There is no excess in the case of the window cover of automobiles and cargo vans, while the excess of window cover of trucks is 10% and buses is 20% of the damage.

The new value cover can be purchased for automobiles and cargo vans. In the case of new value insurance, the insurable value equals the first sales price of the vehicle. This insurance is effective for one year as of the first sale of the vehicle in retail trade as long as the mileage of the vehicle has not exceeded    30 000 km.