ERGO car assistance

If you sign a motor third party liability insurance contract at ERGO, you can be sure to receive quick help in an emergency situation. ERGO Autoabi provides 24-hour free emergency aid if driving unexpectedly becomes impeded: the car/motorcycle does not start, runs out of fuel, a technical failure or accident occurs, the car drives off the road, gets stuck in sand or snow, a tyre breaks or problems with the alarm system occur.

To call for help, call ERGO car assistance on the phone at (+372) 655 5401. Free help will only be provided when you call this number.

All services listed below are free of charge for you as a client of ERGO motor third party liability insurance and are included in the insurance coverage of limited and comprehensive motor hull insurance and motokasko.
  • If an accident or any other insurance event has happened and you call ERGO Autoabi at the number       +327 655 5401, ERGO Autoabi will help you out at the site of the accident, if necessary. Autoabi helps fill in the form “Notification of traffic accident” and gives instructions for further action. If it is not possible to drive the car/motorcycle that has been involved in the accident, it will be towed to the nearest workshop or garage.
  • When the car/motorcycle is towed to the nearest workshop or garage, the client consultant takes the client and the passengers in his or her car to the desired destination, if necessary. Destinations within Estonia only. If the destination of your trip is outside Estonia, you will be taken to the closest point, at your request, where you can continue your trip. When your vehicle is fixed, the agency will contact you.
  • If your car/motorcycle has run out of fuel, fuel will be added to the tank so that you could make it to the nearest petrol station.
  • If the car is in a ditch, stuck in snow or sand, a tug is ordered, which will pull out the car. If the car is fit for use, the tow will leave and you can have the car fixed at the agency later.
  • If the car/motorcycle is not fit for use, it will be towed to the nearest workshop or garage.
  • If the car does not start due to an empty battery, it will be started with the help of a starting device or booster, according to the operating instructions and requirements of the agency of the respective car. If it is not possible to start the car with the help of the booster, it will be towed to the nearest agency and started there in a safe manner.
  • If the car/motorcycle has a flat tyre, it will be replaced with a new tyre on the spot. If there is no spare tyre, the flat tyre will be repaired in a 24-hour tyre workshop if necessary and possible, a spare tyre brought from there or the car towed to a workshop. The client will pay for the repairs of the tyre and the spare tyre.
  • If you lock your car keys into the car or lose them, spare keys will be brought to you if possible.
  • In case of other problems (alarm system cannot be switched off, keys are in the car and it is not practical to bring spare keys, the car drives off the road or any other technical fault impeding further driving), the car/motorcycle will be towed to the nearest workshop or garage.

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