Motor hull covers

  • Insurance for a child safety seat or infant carrier

Subject to indemnification is any damage caused by the insured event to a child seat or infant carrier installed in the vehicle.               

  • Insurance for a roof rack, roof box and bicycle rack      

Any loss or damage sustained by a roof rack, roof box, or bicycle rack installed on a vehicle marked in the insurance contract due to unexpected and unforeseeable external mechanical force (including a traffic accident), natural disaster (including hail), vandalism or fire, shall be compensated. Not subject to compensation is the theft of the roof frame or roof box or damage resulting from the theft thereof.                                        

  • Animal collision insurance

Damage resulting from a collision with an animal shall be compensated without applying the deductible. The policyholder has an obligation to prove the occurrence of the collision with the animal and the incident must be registered in accordance with applicable legislation. In the case of compensation of damage resulting from the attempt to avoid a collision with an animal, the standard deductible will be applied.