Motor TPL insurance

In Estonia, motor third party liability insurance is a mandatory type of car insurance that indemnifies the other party for damages caused by your vehicle. This way, you do not have to pay for the caused damaged yourself, this will be done by your insurance company. By purchasing the insurance in ERGO e-office, you save 10% of the regular price.

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Our advantages

  • Free towing assistance in case of an accident all over Europe 24/7. Call at 655 5401 and we will take your car to the nearest car repair shop. ERGO Traffic+
  • If you are a victim in an accident, ERGO will help to deal with the insurance company of the person causing the accident
  • Possibility to add several additional covers: moose MoD, car assistance, accident insurance of the driver and compensation of claims for a replacement vehicle. 

Extra covers offered for ERGO MTPL for passenger cars and small vans in regular use:
A vehicle in regular use cannot be used as a short-term rental vehicle, emergency vehicle, a vehicle for driving practice, for providing transport, courier or taxi services or for ride-hailing/ridesharing (such as Bolt, Forus).

ERGO Autoabi (Car assistance) 

We will help all over Europe 24/7, for example in case of a flat tyre or fuel running out. ERGO roadside assistance phone number is +372 655 5401
Additional monthly payment of 1.50 euros

Moose MoD i
We will compensate for the damage incurred as a result of a collision with big game (wolf, bear, lynx, wild boar, red deer, moose or roe-deer), which has unexpectedly run into the road, up to 6000 euros.
Additional monthly payment of 5 euros
In case of a claim a deductible of 200 euros will apply

Compensation of claims damage for a replacement vehicle i

If you are responsible for a traffic accident and the affected party has a legitimate need for a replacement car, we will cover the cost of the replacement car on your behalf. You will only be required to pay a deductible of 50 euros.
Additional monthly payment of 1 euro

Accident insurance of a driver i

We will pay indemnity, if the traffic accident has caused permanent disability or death of the driver. The sum insured in case of death is 10 000 euros and in case of permanent disability 20 000 euros.
Additional monthly payment of 0.50 euros per month

Vehicle legal protection insurance

We cover legal costs that may arise in legal disputes related to the insured vehicle. For example: your car service provider does not want to fix for free a problem that reappears in a few days after the car has been repaired. You can ask advice from lawyer by calling ERGO's legal helpline 660 4900.
Additional monthly payment of 3 euros per month  

These are voluntary additional covers and ERGO reserves the right to choose to whom the additional covers shall be offered.


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Who is responsible for insuring the registered vehicle?

Where to turn to in the event of a traffic accident?

How to act in case of the change of the vehicle’s ownership?

How to act in the event of a traffic accident?

Is there a deductible for the additional covers of the MTPL?

How to act in the event of a traffic accident abroad?

How to act in the event of a traffic accident in Russia?

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