Green card

When do I need the green card?

    • If you travel from Estonia to European Economic Area (incl. European Union) countries or Switzerland, take the ordinary MTPL policy with you.
    • If you travel outside of European Economic Area countries, take the green card with you as a proof of your valid MTPL. The green card is an international liability insurance certificate, on the basis of which the loss is compensated to the victim according to the rules in the country of the accident.
    • Estonian Motor Insurance Bureau (LKF) has established a new green card template from 1 July 2020, under which the international liability insurance certificate known as “Green Card” should be printed on white paper, not on green paper, from now on.
    • Due to the change insurance companies may issue the green card electronically as a PDF file. In that case the client must print the green card on white paper him/herself before travelling abroad.

      Please ask for the green card from ERGO by calling our customer service (+372) 610 6500 or contacting us by e mail

      Read more about the green card from the Estonian Motor Insurance Bureau webpage.