How to choose fund

1. Decide the amount of pension you would like to receive in your old age. Is it about 20%, up to 50% or at least 70% of your current income?

2. Choose the best pension provider. You do not have to sign the pension contract at your current bank, but may find a more suitable and favourable pension provider, such as ERGO. ERGO offers the 2nd pillar pension fund with the lowest management fee on the market and does not charge a monthly subscription fee for the purchase of units*.

3. If you have decided to join the 2nd pillar, assess your risk tolerance. Choose yourself the fund with the most suitable risk and yield ratio.

4. If you have decided to join the 3rd pillar as well, join either a pension fund or pension insurance. Decide whether you are ready to take greater risks to receive greater profit or would like to retire with an ensured pension.

5. Sign a contract with the pension provider and start collecting!