Recreational athlete’s insurance

Anyone who cares about their health and participates in public sports events, from time to time, is a recreational athlete. But avoiding accidents is not always possible and one could hurt their muscle or a joint while practising sports. So it makes sense to get insurance cover for expenses related to injuries sustained during practice or in a competition.

Why get recreational athlete’s insurance from ERGO:
  • insurance cover applies 24/7, both when practising sports (training, competitions) as well as during other daily activities; 
  • the insurance covers any expenses following the accident that the health insurance fund does not compensate – for example, chipping a tooth or needing medical rehabilitation or support devices (e.g. crutches, joint braces);
  • daily allowance will compensate the part of the daily income lost that is not covered by the health insurance fund or the employer. This makes it possible to maintain the income you are used to. 
  • In the case of permanent disability, it helps one to adapt to their new situation.

ERGO does not offer competitive sports cover only in case of activities like parachuting, boxing, mixed martial arts and other similar sports.

General terms and conditions