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Recreational athlete insurance

If you live an active way of life or engage in sporting activities, it is reasonable to insure yourself. The recreational athlete’s insurance is a way for help to both yourself and your children.  if you require medical care, expensive medicines or rehabilitation, in order to make a quick recovery from an accident suffered during sporting activities.

Reasons to take recreational athlete’s insurance from ERGO:

  • Insurance coverage applies around the clock – both when practising sports (training, competitions) as well as during other daily activities.
  • The medical treatment expenses indemnity covers treatment expenses that occur as a result of an accident, which are not covered by the Health Insurance Fund for example, if you fall and chip your tooth, require rehabilitation or assistive equipment (such as crutches, joint braces, etc.)
  • The daily allowance indemnity will compensate for the part of lost daily income that is not covered by the Health Insurance Fund or the employer. This makes it possible to maintain the income you are used to.
  •  The permanent disability indemnity is helpful, if permanent health damage forces you to incur great expenses. Such as for rebuilding your home.

ERGO does not offer competitive sports cover only in case of activities like parachuting, boxing, mixed martial arts and other similar sports.

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