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Travel insurance

COVID-19 cover will be automatically added to ERGO travel insurance for travels starting from 11 April 2022. COVID-19 insurance cover is without additional charge and will apply if you comply with established COVID-19 rules and comply with safe travel requirements while at home and abroad and crossing borders.

Only at ERGO do you not need to have extra funds available for tickets, transport or accommodation in the case of a trip interruption.

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Our advantages

  • We also cover the costs related to the cancellation or interruption of trips within Estonia.
  • 24/7 travel assistance.
  • When you buy insurance within 48 hours from incurring your initial travel expenses (flight tickets, accommodation), the insurance cover for trip cancellation will commence immediately.
  • In the event of travel interruption, we will arrange new flight tickets for you, either to your destination or back home, along with accommodation, if necessary.
  • Upon a delay in the arrival of your baggage, the acquisition of basic necessities shall be covered, depending on the nature of the trip. For example, if your ski equipment arrives late, we will reimburse the rental cost for equipment.
  • If it is necessary to make calls or send e-mails due to a loss event that occurred abroad, we also reimburse those communication costs.
  • If you are diagnosed with COVID-19, we will cover the medical expenses and the damage caused by the cancellation or interruption of travel. 

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ERGO recommends

View travel and consular information on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Use the app “Reisi targalt” by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs if you need information on the situation in your country of destination and advice on what to do when you are in trouble.

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Frequently asked questions

  •  Is the insurance contract of help if I am already abroad and have to return early?
It depends on the reason for returning. If someone close to you suddenly becomes seriously ill or dies at home, termination of the trip is completely justified and the insurance undertaking will help you to find new airline tickets, so that you can return home. A good reason is also if something happens to the home itself and the owner must return immediately or if the passenger suffers an injury and continuing the initially planned trip becomes impossible. A wish to return back home, for example, because it is raining at the destination or you don’t like your travel companions, is not a sufficient reason for the insurance to reimburse the costs of returning home.
The insurance contract must definitely include travel interruption or cancellation cover as only then will the travel insurance be of help in such a situation.

  • The insurance contract has been concluded, but it turned out that the trip will not be taking place. Will the costs already incurred be reimbursed in the event of the cancellation of the trip? What happens to the money paid for accommodation?

If there is an insured event and the accommodation has been prepaid, first, the accommodation establishment must be contacted to cancel the reservation and it must be determined whether the company will refund the entire amount or a part thereof. If you have travel interruption cover, the insurance helps to reimburse the part of a prepaid service which the customer is unable to recover from the service provider.

  •  If I know that the trip will be cancelled, can I terminate my insurance contract?
Yes, it is possible to terminate the insurance contract before the start of the trip and the paid insurance premium will be returned to the customer’s account.
  • If the travel company does not refund the money and the customer has taken out an insurance contract, will the insurance undertaking reimburse the tickets?

First, we advise you to contact the travel company, to recover the money. The insurance undertaking will only compensate the cost of flight tickets in part or in full, if the airline does not issue a refund or only provides a partial refund. On the condition that the customer has chosen travel interruption cover in the contract, the insurance was taken out on time, and the matter is an insured event.  

  • What does it mean that the trip must start from Estonia? My plane departs from Riga.

If the plane departs from Riga (or Helsinki), then some means of transport is used to get to the respective airport. This means that for the passenger, the trip starts as of the moment they leave their home and set off for the airport or port.

  • How should I choose the amount of travel interruption cover for my contract? What is the traditional or average amount that is chosen?

The amount of travel interruption should be chosen considering your needs, and there is no specific recommended amount. The amount depends on the extent of expenses made before the trip that need to be covered if the trip is cancelled. When choosing the sum insured, you should add up all the costs per passenger incurred before the trip, such as the flight, museum tickets, accommodation, etc. Those costs, which are to be incurred during the trip, such as payment for the accommodation and tickets to the theatre or museum that will be bought at the destination, should not be considered, since if a trip is cancelled you will not incur these costs.

  •  I have a connecting flight. What happens if the flight is delayed and I am not able to catch the next flight? How much earlier should I be at the airport for the connecting flight?

When planning for the trip, you should consider well ahead with a reasonable timeframe, so that you can easily get from one flight to another. You should follow the recommendations of the specific airline or airport regarding how much earlier you should be at the airport. As the gates of connecting flights in large airports may be very far from each other, you should also set aside time when travelling with kids or grandparents, who are perhaps unable to walk at a fast pace. Depending on the destination, possible additional passport control may take time as well. According to the rule of thumb, in Europe, one should consider at least 2 hours between two connecting flights, and outside Europe, at least 3 hours.

  • I am already travelling. Do I still have the possibility to take out health insurance?

Travel insurance must be taken out before the start of the trip and for the entire period of travel, i.e. from leaving Estonia and until returning. If it appears, while travelling, that the trip will last longer than initially planned, it is possible to change the end date of the policy. However, you should still inform the insurer thereof in a timely manner.

  • Does ERGO Travel Insurance come with the coronavirus COVID-19 cover?

If you are diagnosed with COVID-19 while travelling, we will reimburse medical expenses up to 50 000 euros. In case of trip interruption, we will compensate damages up to 2000 euros if you are diagnosed with COVID-19, but not more than the sum insured for cancellation or interruption indicated in the policy.

  • I came into contact with a COVID-19 positive person and cannot travel because I have to stay in self-isolation. Does ERGO cover travel expenses?

We will not reimburse the cost of self-isolation and quarantine.

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