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Vehicle's e-insurance

Have you felt the need for insurance that you only pay for if you use your vehicle? ERGO now has a solution that is used to calculate the premium of motor third party liability insurance and comprehensive insurance on the basis of use of the vehicle. In this way, you can save up to 100% on insurance! 

You just need to install the mSõiduk application to join the e-insurance – there is no need to come to an ERGO office. The application is available both for Android and iOS from Google Play and Apple App Store.

Why should you take out vehicle e-insurance?

  • The insurance is automatically activated using a GPS device.
  • An excellent choice in the case of vehicles that you rarely use.
  • You will pay pursuant to the number of days you have driven on, using a bank card or Telia mobile invoice (Telia customers).
  • If you do not use your vehicle during the month, then the price of motor third party liability insurance is EUR 0; with comprehensive insurance, only the monthly fee is applied.
  • ERGO offers quick loss adjustment.

    You can calculate the price of your E-insurance on the Telia website. 

Using the app is easy:

  • Enter the vehicle's registration plate
  • Select a suitable insurance plan
  • Add credit card
  • Conclude the contract

All insurance coverage is valid during driving, as well as when the vehicle is not in use.

Please note! With the comprehensive insurance of E-insurance, you only save on unused days in the event that you use a GPS device. Until the device is added to the app and to the vehicle, it is deemed that the vehicle is used in traffic every day.

The motor own damage insurance plan includes (all insurance covers apply, both when the vehicle is at a standstill as well as when it is being driven):

Passanger cars and minivansMotorcycles
Fire and explosion
Natural disaster
Traffic accident
Damage, destruction or theft
Collision with an animal
ERGO Autoabi roadside assistance
ERGO replacement car
Window cover

Frequently asked questions

Who can conclude an E-insurance contract?

For which vehicles can I conclude an E-insurance contract?

What age of vehicle can I conclude an E-insurance contract for?

How is the price of vehicle E-insurance calculated, and how does payment occur?

How much can I save with the E-insurance contract?

Can I conclude and use an E-insurance contract while I am abroad?

Where can I find my E-insurance policy?

How can I terminate an E-insurance contract?

Motor TPL insurance

Motor third party liability insurance of vehicle E-insurance

NB! Night-time and early morning driving with manually selected insurance - Please note! Night and early morning drives until 4.00 a.m.

Switching off manually selected insurance

Adding a GPS device enables one to make MTPL insurance automatic

Casco insurance

With the comprehensive insurance you get:

Comprehensive insurance for leased vehicles

Comprehensive insurance excess

The territory of comprehensive insurance includes

Technical information

Automatic insurance before installation of a GPS device

Installation of a GPS device to a car

GPS device on a motorcycle

Terms & Conditions