Vehicle's e-insurance

As of 01.12.2022, we will discontinue offering the "Vehicle e-insurance" service, and it will not be possible to conclude new contracts through Telia.

All previously concluded e-insurance contracts are valid until the end of the insurance period. The e-insurance application is active until 30.11.2023.

ERGO insurance helps customers find a new vehicle insurance solution that meets their needs. Additional information can be found on the website and by calling 610 6500.

All ERGO vehicle insurances can be concluded online at

Frequently asked questions

How is the price of vehicle E-insurance calculated, and how does payment occur?

How much can I save with the E-insurance contract?

Can I conclude and use an E-insurance contract while I am abroad?

Where can I find my E-insurance policy?

How can I terminate an E-insurance contract?

Motor TPL insurance

Motor third party liability insurance of vehicle E-insurance

NB! Night-time and early morning driving with manually selected insurance - Please note! Night and early morning drives until 4.00 a.m.

Switching off manually selected insurance

Casco insurance

With the comprehensive insurance you get:

Comprehensive insurance for leased vehicles

Comprehensive insurance excess

The territory of comprehensive insurance includes

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