In the case of travel insurance

  • Turn to the nearest doctor for medical care.
  • If necessary, contact or ask the doctor to contact the Claims Centre at the phone number indicated at the back of the policy (insurance card). State your name, location, contact phone and policy number and describe the causes of your call.
  • In the case of travel interruption insurance please contact your travel agent/transportation company/hotel for changing your trip schedule. After that contact ERGO Insurance Company.
  • Upon the occurrence of a luggage insurance case please report immediately to the representative of the company that provided the service to you, or to the police and after that contact ERGO Insurance Company.
  • Complete the claim form and deliver it along with the original documents substantiating the occurrence of an insured event to the nearest ERGO office as soon as possible.

ERGO travel assistant helps! 
Phone: +372 633-ERGO (+372 633 3746)

ERGO Claims Centre in Estonia
 Phone +372 626 7220 
 Fax: +372 626 7221
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