In case of life insurance

  • The insurer indemnifies for any loss or damage according to the provisions of the insurance contract. Therefore, it is very important that you carefully study the insurance conditions before signing the insurance contract.
  • Inform the insurance company either personally or through a third party or parties of the occurrence of an insured event as soon as possible. The insurance advisor will assist you in filling in the claim advice and inform you of the documents that are required for the disbursement of the insurance benefit.
  • If the occurrence of an insured event was occasioned by the activity of a third party or the event occurred at work, the occurrence must be recorded by the police or employer.
  • If the insured event has occurred abroad, you must obtain all documents substantiating the insured event, including documents substantiating referral to a doctor and treatment administered. If necessary, the insurer may request that the documents be translated on the account of the beneficiary.