Sponsor project initation

ERGO engages in sponsorship in order to establish the ERGO brand and implement our mission in society.

When engaging in sponsorship, we prefer projects and initiatives that contribute notably to the reduction of risky behaviour in Estonian society, and have a significant and long-term impact on making people healthy and their living environment secure and liveable.

ERGO does not initiate or engage in any sponsorship, which:

  • can cause harm to people, animals or damage to the environment for the purposes of either sport or entertainment;
  • is or can be linked with a political party or to any political candidate’s election campaign or support of any political official;
  • discriminates on the basis of race, ethnicity, nationality, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age or disability;
  • involves an organisation in legal or financial or ethical conflict with ERGO;
  • is or can be connected with gambling, recreational drugs, tobacco, weapons or alcohol (with the exception of those charity associations and organisations specifically dedicated to tackling drug addiction or abuse).

Sponsorship applications may be submitted throughout the year; however, we make our selection for the following calendar year in September-October.

The suitability of each project with ERGO’s sponsorship goal and strategy is analysed through an analysis tree. Only the projects that successfully pass all criteria are considered suitable sponsorship projects for ERGO. 

Contact ERGO marketing departement turundus@ergo.ee for proposals and sponsorship requests.