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ERGO Life Insurance+ is a new type of insurance, flexibly tailored to the needs of you and your family members. Life Insurance+ helps you first if your health fails you. Cancer or other serious illness or an accident can reduce your ability to work, which in turn reduces your income. But bills as well as mortgages and leases need to be paid, rehabilitation or carer services are expensive, and the people you care about also need financial support. Life Insurance+ is like a puzzle, where you can choose the insurance coverage and sum insured you need, and the pieces form a complete picture. Life Insurance+ is a sense of security for you and your family.

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ERGO Life Insurance+ options

Life insurance You never know the dangers that lurk, but in reality, it is usually serious illness that breaks us down. Life insurance can help your family members cope with everyday problems when you are gone. You can take out the life insurance up to the age of 75, and indemnities are paid in the event of illness or accidental death.
Cancer insurance Around 10,000 people in Estonia are diagnosed with cancer every year. Modern medicine has bravely confronted the diseases, but the treatment journey is still difficult. Cancer insurance helps you to focus on getting better as soon as you are diagnosed. You can take out the insurance between the ages of 18 and 64 and the insurance coverage also extends to your minor children from birth.
Critical illness insurance Unfortunately, people get sick from time to time, and recovering from a serious illness or coping with a life-threatening disease is difficult enough without other commitments. For critical illness insurance, you can choose to insure against cancer and 3 critical illnesses, or cancer and 38 of the most common critical illnesses. You can take out the insurance between the ages of 18 and 64 for a maximum value of 300,000 euros.
Critical illness insurance for children A parent’s greatest wish is to protect their child from all the worries of the world. Unfortunately, this is not always possible, but at least a life insurance policy will give you peace of mind and allow you to focus on your child’s recovery at the most difficult time. The list of children’s critical illnesses includes 14 of the most common critical illnesses, and you can take out the insurance for children aged between 2 and 17 for the sum insured of up to 100,000 euros.
No work ability insurance An accident or illness can deprive you of your ability to work, the extent of which is determined by the experts of the Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund. Insurance will come to the rescue if the incapacity for work has been determined for at least 12 consecutive months and is due to a medically documented illness or injury that first manifested itself during the insurance period. You can take out the insurance between the ages of 18 and 64 and for the amount of life insurance you choose. Payment of the indemnity does not reduce life insurance coverage.
Daily hospital allowance insurance None of us wants to end up in hospital, but there is often no other way to recover from a serious accident or illness. For the first time in Estonia, you can choose ERGO’s daily hospital allowance insurance, i.e. the indemnity for days spent in hospital. An insured event is a continuous hospital stay of at least 24 hours for medically justified treatment. You can take out the insurance between the ages of 0 and 69, and the daily hospital allowance is paid for a maximum of 182 days per year.
Accident insurance in Life Insurance+ policy With accident insurance, you can choose insurance coverage for disability indemnity (permanent disability), death indemnity, trauma indemnity, daily allowance, and supplementary medical assistance.

Why obtain insurance from ERGO?

  • New and flexible life insurance that meets your personal needs.
  • At ERGO, you can insure your whole family with one contract.
  • Only at ERGO can you can also insure children from the age of 2 against 14 critical illnesses.
  • For adults, we offer a very wide insurance coverage for up to 38 critical illnesses.
  • You can take out the life insurance coverage already from the birth of your child.
  • We offer the possibility of an annual pro rata reduction of the sum insured, in the same way as credit insurance.
  • For the first time in Estonia, you can opt for daily hospital allowance indemnity, which we pay for up to 182 days of inpatient days.

How to select the sum insured?

We recommend that the amount of the sum insured be 1-3 times your annual income, allowing you to cover at least 1-3 years of financial obligations and expenses. This is the period during which timely and adequate rehabilitation is most important for recovery from the disease. You have also become accustomed to the new situation in your family, and are capable of making future decisions. If you wish, you can increase the sum insured by the amount of your existing liabilities – that way they will not be left for you or your loved ones to shoulder after the illness. Also, if you see that the premiums are too much for you to pay, choose an amount that you can afford, because in a difficult situation, any sort of financial support will be of help.

Good to know!

Depending on the type and amount of cover you choose, you or your loved ones may be able to use an insurance benefit to:
  • pay for rehabilitation
  • pay financial obligations
  • cover daily family expenditures
  • pay a caregiver

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