Online consultation

ERGO is the first insurance company in Estonia to adopt the practice of video/online consultations. To arrange a consultation date, you must fill in the application below. Once the application has been sent, an advisor from ERGO will contact you by phone within one working day, arrange a suitable time for the consultation, and send an invitation to the consultation.

For which products is consultation provided?
Video consultation is provided for all ERGO private insurance products. You can also make an appointment for general insurance consultation, to determine your insurance needs, for example.

What do I need for an online consultation?

You do not need a separate application for the video consultation. Consultation is provided via Microsoft Teams, and if you do not have the program, you need to click on the link in the invitation, which will open the video chat in the browser.

How much time does the consultation take?

Set aside a minimum of half an hour for the consultation.

Why opt for the online consultation service:

  • it saves time and is environmentally friendly – the client does not have to spend time travelling to a branch;
  • it is convenient and user-friendly – the client does not need to download any programs, as the link to the consultation will be sent by e-mail;
  • it is a comprehensive solution – during the consultation, all necessary contracts can be concluded immediately.

We provide online counselling from Monday–Friday, 9–17.