Travel insurance covers

Health  – health insurance covers the costs of examination, treatment and transport due to an accident or unexpected illness during the travel. If necessary, we will also reimburse travel and accommodation expenses for one of your companions.

  • Falling ill – initial illness, which requires emergency medical assistance.
  • Accident – any health damage that was caused due to an accident and which requires emergency medical assistance.
  • Worsening of a chronic condition – worsening of a chronic condition which requires emergency medical assistance.
  • Dental care – dental first aid up to 200 euros per insured event.
  • COVID-19 medical expenses – we will reimburse up to 50 000 euros per insured event.

Luggage – luggage insurance compensates for the theft, loss and damage of items carried by you during the travel and the delay of your luggage.

  • Delay of luggage – the purchase of necessities up to 25% of the amount of luggage insurance if the luggage is more than four hours late.
  • Damage to luggage – damage to luggage under the supervision of a transport or accommodation establishment.
  • Theft or loss of luggage – luggage stolen or lost under the supervision of a transport or accommodation establishment,

Travel disruption – if the trip is cancelled, we will reimburse the expenses incurred before the trip. In the event of interruption of the travel, we will reimburse the justified expenses for continuation of the travel or return to Estonia. We will also reimburse the costs of services not used due to the interruption of the travel.

  • Incident with the insured person, their travel companion or a person close to them the sudden illness, accident or death of the passenger or a person close to them. If you are diagnosed with COVID-19, we will compensate damages up to 2000 euros, but not more than the sum insured for cancellation or interruption indicated in the policy.
  • Insured person and damage to their property becoming victim of a criminal offence or damage to household property. For example, the passenger learns that an accident has occurred at his or her home and has to return home.
  • Vehicle is delayed or does not depart the delay of a vehicle due to a technical error, traffic accident or bad weather.
  • Natural disaster, changes in flight schedules and other unexpected events due to an earthquake, volcanic eruption, hurricane, tsunami, flood, etc., the timetable changes or the transport provided for in the travel package does not function. The airline changes the scheduled flight plan after the tickets have been bought, or the flight is overbooked. Other unexpected events (e.g. cancellation of the event for which the trip is intended, obstacles in the destination of the trip), which are not excluded by the terms and conditions.

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