Apartment association liability insurance

Apartment association liability insurance covers the apartment association’s property and liability insurance. Property insurance provides the option to insure buildings and facilities; liability insurance covers the personal and property damages to third parties pursuant to law and, if the contract includes the corresponding coverage, then also the damages caused to the members of the apartment association. The insurance contract is signed according to the policyholder’s wishes and the selected insured risks.

A contract for apartment association liability insurance  can be signed by the apartment association or by an authorised person.

The apartment association liability insurance compensates damage caused to the insured object, by:

  • fire – grime and smoke, direct lightning strike, explosion
  • vapour, gas, water or other liquid that has leaked out from the pipeline, container or equipment servicing the building
  • storm and hail
  • natural flood
  • vandalism (including land vehicle collision)
  • theft of the exterior parts of the building
  • breakage of glass surfaces
  • electrical device failure.
General terms and conditions of insurance contracts KT.0898.12
Conditions of property insurance of apartment association KT.0907.13
Terms and conditions of property Insurance risks of apartment association KT.0908.13
Special terms and conditions of liability insurance KT.0906.13