Health Insurance for Estonian and European Union citizens

ERGO health insurance helps you to get to a specialist without waiting in line for treatment. We make medical care more readily available and cover the costs of paid health services.

If you are applying for or renewing a residence permit or visa and need health insurance click here.

With ERGO health insurance

  • you can consult with doctors without a referral
  • we cover the costs of medical services that are not reimbursed by the health insurance fund
  • we reimburse the costs of examinations and health examinations necessary for the prevention of diseases/the possibility to detect diseases at an early stage
  • you can use video and phone consultations
  • we have fast claims handling, meaning you can conveniently submit the cost document of a doctor’s visit via ERGO’s mobile application.
  • When visiting our partner, you don't have to bother sending invoices yourself – ERGO and the partner settle with each other

When concluding the contract you will be able to select the insurance package that offers the coverage you need:

Mini insurance – you already have state health insurance, but would like to use additional health services that are not compensated by the health insurance fund.
Midi insurance – Midi Insurance includes all Mini Insurance covers, plus the compensation of dental and critical illness treatment.
Maxi insurance – the package offering the broadest coverage. It is suitable if you don’t have state health insurance.

To calculate the insurance premium, select your year of birth:

Year of birth:
Ravi Mini
Ravi Midi
Ravi Maksi
Medical services

Family physician and specialist medical care i

1000 € (75% of costs) 1000 €  (75% of costs) 3000 €  (90% of costs)

Inpatient treatment i

2000 € 2000 € 10 000 €

Rehabilitation and aid equipment after an accident i

2500 € 2500 € 2500 €

Dental care after an accident i

2500 € 2500 € 2500 €

Prophylactic examinations i

50 € 50 € 100 €

Medical treatment expenses for critical illnesses i

0 € 7 000 € 7 000 €

Dental care i

0 200 € (50% of costs) 200 €  (50% of costs)

Prescription medications i

0 0 150 €  (80% of costs)

Quarterly paymenti




*The price provided by the calculator is indicative. For a personalized quote, please inquire with ERGO.


Consult via phone: 610 6677

In case of a health problem

Important to know!

  • The insurance contract does not cover all treatment costs related to the treatment of an illness or a trauma that appeared before the insurance contract entered into force.
  • Upon the first signing of an insurance contract, a waiting period will apply, wherein no insurance compensation will be paid for insured events occurring during such period.
  • After the use of a medical service, the insured person must pay the deductible specified in the insurance contract and the cost of uninsured medical services themselves, based on the invoice provided by ERGO or the medical partner.
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