Health insurance

Be healthy! Good health! This is what we wish for a friend. At the same time we know that accidents come unexpectedly and that nobody is protected from falling ill. If you have insurance cover from the health insurance fund, you can hope that the continuously increasing health care costs will be paid for you. If you do not have state health insurance, you receive health care only in the event of life-threatening disease or accident, and in all the other cases you have to be prepared to pay your own medical bills. If you sign a voluntary sickness insurance contract with ERGO, your medical treatment expenses will be paid by the insurance company.

We recommend voluntary sickness insurance first and foremost for those people who have no cover from the health insurance funds, but who have a wish and a possibility to manage the risks as regards the medical treatment expenses of themselves or their family. The voluntary sickness insurance gives a sense of security also to those people who are unemployed temporarily or do not have state health insurance for some other reason.

Sickness insurance indemnities

  • The medical treatment expenses arising from your illness or accident to be paid to the hospital or the doctor.
  • The transportation to the medical institution if emergency care is needed.
  • The costs of medical examination once a year. The physical examination enables you to check your state of health, become aware of health hazards and in good time find out about chronic illnesses which tend to begin unnoticed.
  • Expenses for the physical therapy procedures which those people who are covered by state health insurance have to cover themselves.
  • Vaccination expenses of children and adults.
  • In case of a disability resulting from a serious accident or illness, the cost of aids (spectacles, contact lenses, artificial joints, wheelchairs, hearing aids, etc.).
The extent of the insurance cover will be your decision.

Also, you can be sure that:

  • you will not have to depend on any restrictions when needing medical help (you can turn to a specialist doctor without the family physician’s referral)
  • you can choose a doctor or a hospital that you trust

In addition to the cover of the cost of health services you can choose the dental treatment insurance that helps you to scatter the dental treatment costs of your family and pay a moderate amount every month.

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