Corporate property insurance

ERGO corporate insurance is suitable for every company, regardless of its size. It is a unique solution in Estonia that unites the best scope of protection and additional possibilities into an integral whole and is the most easily manageable and most compact insurance for small and middle-sized enterprises.

In Estonia, ERGO is the only one to provide:

  • construction work with a guarantee against non-application of under-insurance;
  • movable property with a burglary protection guarantee upon non-engagement of the security alarm system;
  • many new additional insurance covers: deductible insurance, extension of under-insurance, additional cover of owner of building, construction operations, terrorism, etc.

ERGO corporate insurance allows covering eight different insurance covers with one contract:

Property insurance

Business interruption insurance

Equipment breakdown insurance

Employer’s liability insurance

General third party liability insurance

Liability insurance of the possessor of construction work

Product liability insurance

Employer’s health insurance

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