Railway rolling stock insurance

Railway is an important means of transport for both passengers and cargo. Railway transport is used more and more these days. ERGO offers security to railway undertakings of Estonia for both domestic and cross-border haulage.

The insurance contract can be concluded by the owner of the means of railway transport, its lessee or another legal possessor.

It is possible to insure railway engines, cargo and passenger cars, and the insurance cover applies during their usage. The insurance covers the chassis, the interior including the wiring, isolation, fittings, devices, systems, main and auxiliary mechanisms, boilers, diesel generators and other devices and equipment of the rolling stock unit.

What does the railway rolling stock insurance cover?

  • Damage caused by a railway accident, collision or derailing.
  • Damage caused by a fire or explosion in a railway vehicle. 
  • Damage caused by natural disasters (flood, storm, hurricane, collapse, landslide, snowfall, lightening, tornado, hail).
  • Loss of a railway vehicle.
  • Damage from the illegal activity of a third person.

Why insure your railway vehicle with ERGO?

  • ERGO’s insurance terms and conditions are up to date and comply with the client’s needs. 
  • As a client of ERGO you can be sure that the insurance cover is sufficient, as ERGO’s total risk insurance for railway rolling stock includes cover for unexpected and unforeseen damage and losses regardless of their cause.
  • In addition to direct proprietary damage, ERGO also compensates the costs of preventing or reducing the damage.
  • ERGO’s loss adjustment is fast and professional and the client can get a detailed overview of each of the stages. The purpose of loss adjustment 
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