Six things you need to know before entering into a travel insurance contract

Every journey starts from home and the ultimate goal of a trip is to come back safely. ERGO’s travel insurance is the only kind where you do not need to have extra funds available for unexpected occurrences. 

As of 16 June 2020, we will also cover expenses related to the cancellation or interruption of trips within Estonia.
If you would like your trips within Estonia to be insured, choose the travel disruption cover.

NB! To sign a contract on behalf of a business customer, your name must be listed on the company's B card.

When does travel insurance help?

  • Health insurance covers the essential costs of treatment and medical examinations if you fall ill, your chronic disease exacerbates or you are involved in an accident. ERGO’s travel insurance makes sure that you get the treatment you need and, if necessary, brings you back home. The European Health Insurance Card may come in handy in EU countries; however, it does not cover all costs.
  • In the case of a trip cancellation, we will compensate you for the cost of unused tickets and services. The trip cancellation cover is useful should you fall ill before a trip or if a concert or conference unexpectedly does not take place. We suggest that you should buy insurance within 24 hours after paying for your travel fare so that you are protected from the onset. If you buy insurance at a later date, you will be subject to a 72-hour waiting period.
  • In the case of a trip disruption, we make sure that you reach your next destination or back home. A trip may be disrupted when, for instance, the flight you chose is later and you miss the onward flight. We offer you twice the amount of the trip cancellation cover since last-minute tickets are often more expensive and changes in the travel plan more costly.
  • Baggage insurance compensates for damage caused by theft, loss, late arrival of or damage to your baggage or delay in the connecting point or destination. If you need to buy basic necessities because your baggage is late, we will compensate their cost to the extent of 25% of the baggage insurance amount. 

A detailed overview of insurance coverages can be found here.

When does travel insurance not help?

  • You should sign a travel insurance contract straight after paying for your tickets. If you buy insurance at a later date, you will be subject to a 72-hour waiting period for travel disruption cover.
  • Before you leave check out the travel information of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to find out which countries it is safe to travel to. Insurance does not cover costs incurred due to civil disturbances or warfare.
  • You should also take care and allow sufficient time to reach the airport and pass through security checks. For instance, you should take into account that the likelihood of getting stuck in a traffic jam is greater during rush hour. We will only be of help to you if you miss the plane due to a traffic accident or another unforeseen event.
  • If you handle purchasing the tickets yourself, you should make sure that the connecting flight is from the same terminal and airport. Calculate how much time you should allow for transit to make it to the onward flight. This information is usually available on the homepage of the airport.
  • Travel insurance does not protect your home assets. Make sure that your home and assets are covered while you are away. 

Do you need help?

We will be able to help you in the best possible way, provided that you promptly let us know about your problem. Please store the ERGO Travel Assistant phone number +372 633 3746, which operates round the clock. This line offers help in English. For instance, we will buy new tickets for you should you unexpectedly need to return home, or help you find medical assistance.

Your insurance policy specifies:

  • insurance covers and amounts;
  • insurance period that needs to be at least as long as the trip;
  • amount of the insurance premium;
  • ERGO’s contact data and those of Travel Assistance.

What should you know about the e-office?

  • When you operate via the e-office, make sure that your information is accurate and complete.
  • You can view the terms and conditions of insurance and policies in the e-office.
  • You can see the final cost of insurance in the e-office.
  • In the e-office, you get your insurance policy, which does not need to be signed. You have entered into the contract when you are directed from the e-office to the Internet bank. As you enter the Internet bank, you became liable for payment.
  • ERGO will keep all your insurance contracts until the end of the limitation period.
  • We do not terminate insurance contracts before the term, except for in cases where there are exceptional grounds for this under law or the insurance contract itself.
  • You may withdraw from a contract entered into via the e-office without naming the reason, within 14 days after entry into the contract. You can send your withdrawal notice via ERGO’s web page or by e-mail to If you withdraw from a travel insurance contract, we will repay you the premiums for the time during which we did not have to bear insurance liability. 

Other information that you should know

  • Insurance contracts are entered into pursuant to the general terms and conditions of ERGO insurance contracts and the terms and conditions of travel insurance. You can read the terms and conditions on ERGO’s web page. When entering into the insurance contract you confirm that the insurer has made the general terms and conditions and travel insurance conditions available to you, you have read them and agree to them.
  • The principles of processing the personal data of customers can be found here
  • Estonian legislation shall be applied to the Insurance Contract.
  • If you want to send a complaint to ERGO, please e-mail it to
  • You may turn to a conciliation body at the Estonian Insurance Association to settle a dispute with the insurer. Before a conciliation procedure, the claim in the disputed matter shall be submitted to the insurer and the insurer must be provided with an opportunity to reply to the claim. Additional information is available on the Estonian Insurance Association’s website
  • Any disputes arising from insurance contracts, including disputes concerning which no agreement is reached at an insurance conciliation body, shall be settled at Harju County Court.
  • You are entitled to submit a complaint with the Financial Supervision Authority (Sakala 4, Tallinn) to protect your interests.

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