Vehicle legal protection insurance

In addition to ERGO motor TPL insurance, you can also purchase legal protection insurance for your vehicle.

We will cover legal protection costs that may arise in legal disputes related to the insured vehicle. The legal protection insurance covers 10 000 euros in legal fees per insured event. In addition to the legal protection costs coverage, the client who has chosen this cover is able to seek advice and instructions from lawyers by calling ERGO’s legal helpline (+372 660 4900) on the legal matters and disputes related to the insured vehicle.

For example, legal protection costs are covered in the following events regarding vehicles:

    • The service provided by a repair shop turns out to be poor in quality and the shop refuses to rectify its mistakes.
    • Damage collection from the owner of the road for damage caused by a pothole.
    • The car was damaged in a car wash and the operator of the car wash refuses to indemnify it.
    • Snow or ice fall on the vehicle from the roof of a building and the owner of the building refuses to indemnify it.
    • You purchase a new car and take out legal protection insurance additional cover to the MTPL within seven days, then discover flaws which the seller had concealed.
    • You sell your vehicle, which was covered with legal protection insurance at the time of the sale, and the seller demands the rectification of alleged flaws.
    • You incur proven damage during an accident that the person causing the accident is not willing and their insurer is not obligated to indemnify.

If you wish to get a wider legal protection coverage, please see here.