Private Clients

ERGO offers you all insurance services required by private clients. Should you have further questions, please call us at 610 6500 or send an e-mail to .

Motor TPL insurance 

ERGO MTPL contract comes with free Traffic+ towing assistance.

Motor hull insurance

Decide for yourself what kind of protection your car needs! With ERGO motor hull insurance we have put the basic coverage in place and the rest is up to you. Choose the suitable coverage for your needs!

Home insurance

It is possible to insure an apartment, a house, a summer house as well as a country home with ERGO. In addition, you can add domestic property and third party liability insurance and can conclude a pet insurance, on more favorable terms, with your home insurance contract.

Health insurance for temporary residence permit or visa applicants

Voluntary health insurance is suitable for people who find it important to see a doctor fast - ERGO health insurance ensures faster availability of medical care and covers the expenses of fee-charging health services. 

Life insurance

ERGO life insurance+ comes to your rescue at the most difficult moment. In the event of a serious illness, you can use the insurance benefit to pay your home loan and leasing, cover your family’s everyday expenses, pay for rehabilitation and, if necessary, a caregiver. By insuring yourself, you give your family a sense of security.

Travel insurance

Ensures a carefree journey. ERGO is the only insurance company in Estonia offering travel insurance which does not require you to have extra funds in the case of a trip interruption.

Legal protection insurance

Expensive legal aid affordable to everybody. It will help in situations, where you or your family have suffered injustices which results in financial expenditures or lost indemnity.

ERGO life insurance for Luminor clients

Insure your life and protect your family from financial difficulties in unexpected life situations.