Free legal advice

Legal advice on home-related matters is free of charge for all ERGO home insurance clients. For legal advice, call a lawyer on  +372 660 4900, who will answer your questions and give advice on working days from 9 am to 5 pm.

You can ask legal advice on the following topics:

    • Disputes over rent (e.g. the tenant refuses to move out, the tenant refuses to compensate damage incurred, etc.).
    • Disputes over insurance (e.g. the decision to compensate under the home insurance seems to be unfair, the insurance company of your neighbour offers you too low insurance compensation for the damage caused by the neighbour, etc.).
    • Disputes with neighbours (e.g. your neighbour, also the next door neighbour, refuses to compensate for the damage, your neighbour violates your privacy, etc.).
    • Disputes in the apartment association (e.g. how decisions in the general meeting should be taken, use of the jointly used area, etc.).
    • Disputes over defective products (e.g. an appliance bought to the apartment broke down one month after the purchase and the seller refuses to repair it under the warranty, the furniture purchased is of poor quality, etc.).
    • Dispute with any service provider (e.g. repair works of the apartment were of poor quality, electricity blackout broke your home appliances, etc.).

NB! In the context of home insurance, the lawyers will not give advice on labour law, family law, commercial law and any other topics not related to the insured home. If you need advice on the above topics, please send your application here and consider purchasing legal protection insurance.

The number of the calls to the lawyer is not limited. Legal advice is only given by phone and on the basis of oral information given by the home insurance policyholder. No written documents will be reviewed, also no written documents or answers will be provided in any form.