Pet insurance

Pets give us love, friendship and companionship. But an animal, just like a human being, may be struck by sudden health problems; accidents and diseases. Medical care is often expensive, and the costs involved may be surprising. 

NB! Since 01.01.2017 ERGO offers pet insurance only with home insurance.

Advantages of ERGO pet insurance

    • If the animal goes missing, the expenses for the search ad will be compensated, as well as a reward in the amount of up to 64 euros, with no deductible.
    • Opportunity to choose the medical aid insurance amount, starting from 450 euros. Animal owner’s liability insurance 6400 euros.
    • ERGO does not change the terms and conditions of the insurance contract as your pet gets older. The sum insured is not reduced by the amount of indemnity paid out.
    • ERGO does tell you which vet you can choose. You can choose the best treatment for your pet, and after presenting the invoice, ERGO pays the medical expenses as agreed in the insurance contract.
    • Additional insurance protection can be bought, if you travel. Insurance coverage is valid worldwide; the term of the contract is up to one year, depending on the need. The contract is entered into for one year.

What does ERGO pet insurance cover?

Veterinarian’s aid: costs of treatment, appointment and consultation fees
Sum insured

Death of the animal as a result of an accident or sudden illness (incl. if the veterinarian believes that the animal should be put to sleep)
Sum insured

Theft of the animal
Sum insured

Disappearance of the animal
Sum insured

Search costs or finder’s reward if the animal has disappeared
EUR 64 (without deductible)

Insurance cover beyond the borders of Estonia
The price of insurance depends on the breed of the animal.

Civil liability insurance: pet owner’s third party liability insurance, if the pet causes harm to a third party
6400 eurot

Decrease in value of a hunting or service dog
– 50% kindlustussummast
(ilma omavastutuseta)


Compensation is reduced by the deductible unless otherwise set forth in the terms and conditions. Additional insurance coverage may be amended, if so desired; the sum insured may also be increased or decreased over time.

What to consider when insuring your pet?

Pet insurance cover can be obtained for a properly vaccinated pet aged between four months and seven years (incl.). Treatment of hereditary and chronic diseases or diseases that appeared before entering into the insurance contract is not indemnified on the basis of the insurance contract. The pet must have a tattoo or microcapsule. The animal needs to be marked in particular, so that it can be identified in case of a claim.

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