Motor hull insurance

Motor hull insurance will come to your rescue, if you have caused an accident yourself or another accident has occurred, which has caused damage to your car - be it a scratch on your car, broken glass, theft or destruction of the car. 

Every month we process an average of 800 cases in which it is possible to receive compensation due to having motor hull insurance.

Why insure in ERGO?

  • Free 24/7 roadside assistance throughout Europe.
  • Throughout Europe and for the duration of the repair period, we offer the option of using a replacement car instead of a car or motorcycle under repair.
  • Having collided with an animal or a bird, no excess is applied.
  • ERGO allows you to choose what insurance coverage you need.

If you want to decide for yourself what kind of protection you require, we offer you the opportunity to choose just the kind of motor hull insurance that suits your needs and lifestyle.

ERGO motor hull insurance allows you the opportunity to choose what you insure:

Insurable riskERGO Motor Hull Insurance
Natural disaster ?
Compensation for damage caused by storms, floods, hail or other extraordinary precipitation. Excess is not applied if the vehicle is destroyed as a result of a natural disaster.
Fire and explosion  ?
Compensation for damage to the vehicle as a result of ignition, burning, smoke, extinguishing work or explosion.
Vandalism ?
Compensation for damage to the vehicle as a result of wrongful actions of third parties. For example, breaking a glass, damaging the paintwork, etc.
Mechanical force  ?
Compensation for damage caused by a sudden and unforeseen external mechanical force that directly affected the vehicle or its part(s), incl. damage as a result of a traffic accident.
Transportation and lifting the vehicle onto the road ?
Compensation for expenses necessary and justified in the case of an insured event (e.g. driving into a ditch, traffic accident) for lifting the vehicle on the road and transporting it to the nearest repair or storage location.
Vehicle accessories ?
Accessory cover calculated depending on the price of the vehicle; this covers, for example, child safety equipment, roof boxes, bicycle frames, etc.
Glass repair ?
Compensation for damage to the vehicle’s glass without applying excess, if the glass can be repaired to meet the requirements of the roadworthiness test.
ERGO Autoabi (roadside assistance) ?
Guaranteed quick help on the scene of an emergency situation throughout Europe. The service can be used free for charge in the insurance territory selected in the insurance contract.
Tyres and wheels in storage ?
Compensation for damage caused by the theft of off-season wheels or tyres belonging to the insured vehicle from a closed and locked storage room.
Theft, unauthorised use and robbery ?
Compensation for damage caused by theft, unauthorised use, robbery of the vehicle or its parts or the attempt thereof.
Glass replacement ?
It is possible to choose an excess of 0 or 100 euros for glass; the size of the motor hull insurance payment depends on this. In the case of glass replacement, the excess of the customer subject to the insurance obligation is applied. If the glass can be repaired but the customer wishes to change the glass, the basic excess of motor hull insurance is applied.
Collision with an animal or a bird without excesses ?
Compensation for damage caused by a collision with an animal or bird that has been proven and registered in accordance with the applicable law.
ERGO replacement vehicle ?
Free replacement vehicle for up to 60 days during the insurance period if the personal vehicle cannot be used in traffic as a result of an accident.
New value cover ?
In the event of total destruction of the vehicle, the first sale price of the vehicle will be reimbursed. Valid for up to 1 year or 30,000 km. When insuring a new vehicle with ERGO, it is possible to extend this protection for up to 2 years, but not up to over 40,000 km.
Compensation of car replacement costs (5%) ?
In the event of total destruction of the vehicle, an additional 5% of the market value of the vehicle will be reimbursed for car replacement costs.
Insurance of lease value ?
In the event of total destruction of the vehicle, the difference between the leasing value and the market value of the vehicle shall be compensated if the market value of the vehicle is less than the residual value of the lease.
Insurance of lease payments ?
If the lessee of the vehicle is incapacitated for work for more than 7 days due to injuries sustained during the insurance event with the insured vehicle and the period for incapacity starts within 1 month of the event, the lease payments are reimbursed for up to 100 days.
Technical failure insurance ?
Compensation for the unexpected and unforeseeable failure of a normally used vehicle’s engine, cooling system of engine, electronic control unit, transmission, cooling system of transmission or brake and wheel system.
Trailer insurance ?
The insurance covers damage to the trailer attached to the vehicle specified in the contract. Trailers that are not the property of the policyholder are also insured, e.g. rental trailers.
Driver’s accident insurance ?
Compensation for damage if the traffic accident has caused a permanent disability for the driver or death of the driver.
Legal assistance insurance for vehicle owners ?
Legal expenses that may be incurred in the case of legal disputes related to the insured vehicle are covered to the extent of 10,000 euros per insured event. ERGO legal assistance advice line (phone: 660 4900) allows you to ask lawyers for advice on how to act in legal disputes and legal matters related to the insured vehicle.
Extended covered territory ?
SThe standard insurance territory is Europe, excl. Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, the Republic of Moldova and Turkey. It is possible to extend insurance cover to the territory of Ukraine, Belarus and Russia (up to the Ural Mountains) for an additional fee.
Luggage insurance ?
Compensation for damage due to the loss, theft or robbery of luggage in the locked luggage compartment, roof box or cabin of the car or van specified in the insurance contract, as well as for damage caused to the luggage as a result of unexpected and unforeseen external mechanical force (incl. traffic accident), natural disaster, vandalism or fire.
Additional insurance sum for accessories / modifications   ?
If the protection provided for the standard accessories is not sufficient, it is useful to choose additional insurance for the accessories that would cover the accessories or modifications installed on the car or van by a non-manufacturer. For example: child safety equipment, vehicle-mounted roof rack or box, bicycle frame, tow bar, alloy wheels, refrigerator, lifting device, etc.
- insured
- optional
General terms and conditions of insurance contracts KT.0898.12
General terms and conditions of insurance contracts KT.0806.11 (Valid for contracts issued until 31.10.2012)
Terms and conditions of vehicle insurance KT.0056.11