Motor hull insurance

You will get full insurance cover for your vehicle if you enter into a comprehensive insurance contract i.e. a voluntary car insurance contract in addition to motor third party liability insurance.


Motor hull insurance covers the damage, destruction and loss of a vehicle and such damage that is not subject to indemnification under the Estonian Traffic Insurance Act. For instance, the damaging of a vehicle as a result of a traffic accident if the person who was driving the vehicle proves to be the party at fault; fire and arson; theft of a vehicle or parts thereof; etc.

  • ERGO motor hull insurance includes a really handy service – 24 hour free ERGO Autoabi roadside assistance service. Whatever happens to your car, ERGO will help!
  • ERGO motor hull insurance has another advantage - free replacement car.
Motor hull insurance offers you the chance to insure land vehicles registered in Estonia that engage in road traffic: automobiles, cargo vans, minivans, trucks, lorries, buses, trailers, motorbikes and ATVs.

ERGO offers three insurance options: idle vehicle comprehensive insurance, partially comprehensive insurance and fully comprehensive insurance.

Fully comprehensive insurance Partially comprehensive insurance Idle vehicle comprehensive insurance
Natural disaster

Fire and explosion


Traffic accident

Transportation and lifting the vehicle onto the road

ERGO Autoabi roadside assistance

ERGO replacement car



Window cover S S
New value cover
Replacement trailer cover             S

Damage, destruction or theft of luggage             S


- insured
 S - selective

The customer can choose the most suitable additional covers from among the insurance cover offered by ERGO in order to extend their insurance coverage. Additional insurance cover includes:
  • luggage cover;
  • replacement trailer cover;
  • window cover and
  • new value cover.
If you sign a motor hull insurance contract at ERGO, you can be sure to receive quick help in an emergency situation.

General terms and conditions of insurance contracts KT.0898.12
General terms and conditions of insurance contracts KT.0806.11 (Valid for contracts issued until 31.10.2012)
Terms and conditions of vehicle insurance KT.0056.11