ERGO in cooperation with the Estonian start-up company Rendin provides a completely unique rental agreement insurance policy on the residential rental market

Rendin is a growing start-up company that offers the solution of entering into a rental agreement with insuring the contract. Further information on the Rendin solution can be read here:

ERGO, in turn, provides rental agreement executed via Rendin with insurance of financial risks. The insurance covers the tenant’s obligations related to the rental agreement, including monthly rental payments and accessory expenses related to use of the residential premises to the extent of the sum insured. Upon entry into a rental agreement via Rendin, the tenant no longer has to pay the landlord a security deposit.

In which cases can rental agreement insurance be of help?

Rental agreement insurance can help cover damage arisen if:

  • The tenant loses their job
  • The tenant has lost their capacity for work or has died as a result of an accident or illness
  • The tenant has caused proprietary damage to the landlord
  • The tenant has incurred payment defaults in respect of making landlord payments

rental agreement insurance also includes legal counselling on rental agreement disputs.

Rental agreement insurance can be signed ONLY via the Rendin Internet environment ( or mobile app. 

ERGO does not sell this insurance on its own. All customer support as well as the loss adjustment process takes place via Rendin.