In the case of health insurance

  • Upon contracting an illness, refer to your family physician and in the event of an accident to the nearest emergency room or hospital.
  • If you need specialist advice, you should first consult your family physician about the specialist advisors. You can benefit more from specialist advice if you have had a preliminary examination carried out by your family physician.
  • You may also contact directly any medical institution or doctor with whom ERGO has signed a relevant contract, without your family physician’s referral (you received relevant information with your insurance policy). You need not pay the visit fee.
  • Take your ID with you every time you visit a doctor or medical institution. Be prepared for the doctor to check the validity of your insurance coverage.
The insurance coverage is valid if you have effected premium payments when due. Medical services are normally paid for directly to the doctor or medical institution on the basis of the bills issued by them. You only need to pay for dental care.

If for some reason you have paid for the medical services yourself or if you claim compensation for transportation costs, please file a relevant claim advice with ERGO Elukindlustus within three days. Fill in the Claim Form and enclose the following documents to it:
  • Insurance policy
  • Copy of an identification document
  • Original bill for medical services along with the receipt substantiating payment
  • In the case of an illness or accident, a doctor’s excerpt from the case history or medical file
  • Original bill for medical transportation along with a doctor’s confirmation that the transportation was necessary for emergency healthcare.
The insurance benefit is disbursed within two weeks from the submission of all required documents.

We believe that our cooperation will be successful, if the foregoing rules of procedure are followed