Major events in the history of ERGO in Estonia
  • In 1990, the Baltic Insurance Company (BICO) was founded
  • In 1995, Alte Leipziger Europa acquired a holding in BICO
  • In 1995, BICO Elukindlustuse AS was established
  • In 2000, Leks Kindlustuse AS was merged and the name became BICO-LEKS Kindlustuse AS
  • In 2001, the ERGO trademark was put into use
  • In 2002, Nordica Elukindlustuse AS was taken over
  • In 2002, ERGO Varahalduse AS was established
  • In 2004, the common management of the Baltic companies of ERGO was established.
  • In 2009, January ERGO Kindlustuse AS broker of ERGO Funds AS
  • In 2009, April ERGO Varahalduse AS changes its name to ERGO Funds AS
  • In 2009, June ERGO Kindlustuse AS became broker of D.A.S. legal cost insurance products in Estonia
  • In 2009, July ERGO Kindlustuse AS became broker of ERGO Elukindlustuse AS
  • In 2011, January ERGO’s life insurance companies in the Baltic States became one European company called ERGO Life Insurance SE. The head office of the company is located in Lithuania (Vilnius) and its branches are in Estonia and Latvia. The former ERGO Elukindlustus in Estonia will be operating under the new name ERGO Life Insurance SE Eesti filiaal.