Together with ERGO Motor TPL insurance you will also receive free Traffic+ service that helps to tow your car to a repair shop or garage in case of a traffic accident.
    • Traffic+ service is available for passenger cars (M1, M1G), pickup trucks, vans (N1, N1G) and motorcycles (L3, L4, L5) in case of the traffic accident.
    • The service is free when using towing assistance phone number 655 5401. ERGO does not compensate for towing assistance ordered from different phone numbers.
    • We will tow the car from the site to the nearest repair shop or garage. We will notify you about the exact location of your car and the expected time required for resolution of the problem.
    • Regardless of whether you are the victim in the accident or have caused the accident, towing is free for your vehicle. After towing, please register the accident at ERGO as soon as possible.