Freight forwarder’s liability insurance

The freight forwarder’s liability insurance contract can be signed by both a legal person and a sole proprietor.

Freight forwarder’s liability insurance provides an opportunity to insure the freight forwarder’s civil liability pursuant to the general terms and conditions of the Estonian Logistics and Freight Forwarders Association.

Freight forwarder's liability insurance indemnifies the claims made against a freight forwarder pursuant to the contract for the transport of goods signed with the client. If the goods are damaged or lost during transport and the freight forwarder has an obligation of compensation to the owner of the goods, the insurance company will compensate for the damages if the freight forwarder has liability insurance.

General terms and conditions of insurance contracts KT.0898.12
General terms and conditions of insurance contracts KT.0806.11 (Valid for contracts issued until 31.10.2012)