Electronic equipment insurance

ERGO’s electronic equipment insurance has been designed both for individuals as well as legal entities. The policyholder may be either the owner or lawful possessor of the electronic equipment to be insured.

ERGO’s electronic equipment insurance offers coverage for personal computers, data processing equipment, medical equipment, telecommunications equipment, measuring and testing equipment used in production and research, video cameras and other filming equipment, industrial and commercial video and audio equipment, office equipment, etc.

ERGO’s electronic equipment insurance provides coverage against unforeseen and sudden physical loss or damage from such causes as:
  • faulty operation, lack of skill or gross negligence
  • material workshop errors and bad workmanship
  • short-circuit and other electrical causes
  • failure or breakdown of testing, measuring and safety equipment
  • fire, soot, smoke, thunderbolt, carbonisation, etc.
  • water or other liquid discharging from water supply network, sewerage or heating system
  • burglary, vandalism
  • elemental forces, such as storm, hail or natural flood
  • other losses from causes which are not regarded as exclusions under insurance conditions.
All causes of loss or damage, which have not been defined as exceptions, are regarded as insurable risks.

General terms and conditions of insurance contracts KT.0898.12
General terms and conditions of insurance contracts KT.0806.11 (Valid for contracts issued until 31.10.2012)