How to find the right fund?

1. Assess the reliability of pension providers. Who are the owners? What is their experience? Who makes decisions regarding investments?

2. Compare the historical yield of funds of the same type. Which funds have been the most profitable?*

3. Compare the risks of funds of the same type. Which fund unit prices have fluctuated the least or which have been the least risky?

4. What are the fees for the fund – how much do you have to pay from your pension money when purchasing units (subscription fee) and for management of the fund (management fee)?

You can find independent information on various funds at: * Please note that historical yield does not ensure the same yield in the future.
How not to choose a pension fund?

Do not be tempted by temporary advantages and perks promised when you join. The accumulation of your pension is a long-term process and you should make your choice keeping in mind long-term benefits.