Joining a pension fund

In order to join the 1st pillar, you do not need to do anything – you will receive this pension if you are 63 years old.

In order to join the 2nd pillar, choose a desired pension fund and fill in an application.

You do not have to choose the pension funds of your current bank, but may find a more favourable pension provider, such as ERGO.

You can change the pension provider you have chosen once a year. If you find a place where your pension is taken better care of, we suggest you try them out.

You can only make payments to one 2nd pillar fund at a time.

For the 3rd pillar, you must first choose a pension fund suitable for you.

Of course, with the 3rd pillar, you are not wed to your bank, either, but may choose between funds of different pension providers and change the pension provider if you wish.

By the way, you can collect money into several 3rd pillar funds. You can also choose between different pension funds and pension insurances and make payments to these simultaneously.

Join the funded pension