Contractors plant and machinery insurance

ERGO’s contractors plant and machinery insurance has been designed both for individuals as well as legal entities. The policyholder may be either the owner or other lawful possessor of the machinery and equipment to be insured.

ERGO’s contractors plant and machinery insurance offers coverage for construction equipment and machinery, agricultural equipment, logging machinery and equipment, transportation systems, etc.

ERGO’s contractors plant and machinery insurance provides coverage against unforeseen and sudden physical loss or damage from such causes as:
  • negligence of operator in handling the insured object
  • fire, including losses caused by soot, smoke, thunderbolt, etc.
  • elemental forces, such as storm, flood, landslide, subsidence, etc.
  • theft and malicious acts of third parties aimed at causing damage to the insured object
  • other loss or damage caused by events, which are not regarded as exclusions under insurance conditions.
In addition, we offer optional coverage for costs and expenses related to restoring the insured object to its pre-occurrence condition. Additional costs and expenses may arise from:
  • working overtime, working during night or public holidays
  • express cargo
  • air cargo
  • salvage of insured site, including cleaning
  • transportation and accommodation of the representatives of the manufacturer, importer/retailer engaged in the repairs of the insured object.
All causes of loss or damage, which have not been defined as exclusions, are regarded as insurable risks.

General terms and conditions of insurance contracts KT.0898.12
General terms and conditions of insurance contracts KT.0806.11 (Valid for contracts issued until 31.10.2012)