Pre-contract details of MTPL insurance for the client

What you need to know before concluding a contract

MTPL is mandatory for every vehicle registered in Estonia. This is used to compensate for the losses of the injured party. In Estonia, a paper copy of the MTPL insurance policy does not have to be carried.

NB! To conclude a contract, your name must be stated on the car registration certificate as the owner, responsible user or user of the car. To sign a contract on behalf of a business customer, your name must be listed on the company's B card.

Motor third party liability insurance (MTPL) helps:

  • when a person is injured, a vehicle is damaged or proprietary damage is caused due to the movement of a vehicle on the road or it driving off the road
  • in the case of personal damage, to compensate, e.g. rehabilitation treatment, lack of capacity for work or non-monetary damage
  • when an accident happens during boarding or disembarking a ferry offering a regular service

ERGO Liiklus+ ensures a free towing service to passenger vehicles (M1), delivery vans (N1) and motorcycles throughout Europe by calling the ERGO roadside assistance line (+372 655 5401).

In the case of a traffic accident, we will take your private car or motorcycle to a repair shop or a repository nearest to the scene for free

A detailed overview of the types of insurance cover has been provided in the terms and conditions of MTPL insurance. See also the Motor Insurance Act.

MTPL insurance does not help:

  • when an accident happens in a location that is closed off and secluded for a competition, training or other similar event;
  • in an area used for regular traffic, when it is closed to the general traffic (e.g. road construction);
  • if the vehicle that caused the damage is used for forestry, field or construction works or other similar purposes and the damage has been caused directly during the work.

Term of the contract

MTPL insurance is always concluded with a fixed term. The policyholder can select the insurance period themselves. When selecting one year as the insurance period, your contract is updated automatically. If the period is less than one year, the contract is not renewed automatically.

Do you need help?

Save ERGO’s 24/7 road assistance number: +372 655 5401.

Your insurance policy specifies:

  • insurance cover and amount;
  • insurance term;
  • amount of the insurance premium;
  • ERGO’s contact data and those of roadside assistance.

What should you know about the e-office?

  • When you operate via the e-office, make sure that your information is accurate and complete.
  • You can view the terms and conditions of insurance and policies in the e-office.
  • You can see the final cost of insurance in the e-office.
  • In the e-office, you get your insurance policy, which does not need to be signed. You have entered into the contract when you are directed from the e-office to the Internet bank. As you enter the Internet bank, you became liable for payment.
  • ERGO will keep all of your insurance contracts until the end of the limitation period.
  • We do not terminate insurance contracts before the term, except for in cases where there are exceptional grounds for this under law or the insurance contract itself.
  • You may withdraw from a contract entered into via the e-office without naming the reason, within 14 days after entry into the contract. You can send your withdrawal notice via ERGO’s web page or by e-mail to If you withdraw from an MTPL insurance contract, we will repay you the premiums for the time during which we did not have to bear insurance liability.


Other information that you should know

  • The insurance contract is concluded based on the General Terms and Conditions of ERGO insurance contracts and the Terms and Conditions of MTPL.
  • You can read the terms and conditions on ERGO’s web page. When entering into the insurance contract you confirm that the insurer has made the general terms and conditions and insurance conditions available to you, you have read them and agree to them.
  • The principles of processing clients’ personal details are available here.
  • Insurance contracts are governed by Estonian law.
  • If you want to send a complaint to ERGO, please e-mail it to
  • You may turn to a conciliation body at the Estonian Insurance Association to settle a dispute with the insurer. Before a conciliation procedure, the claim in the disputed matter shall be submitted to the insurer and the insurer must be provided with an opportunity to reply to the claim. Additional information is available on the Estonian Insurance Association’s website
  • Any disputes arising from insurance contracts, including disputes concerning which no agreement is reached at an insurance conciliation body, shall be settled at Harju County Court.
  • You are entitled to submit a complaint with the Financial Supervision Authority (Sakala 4, Tallinn) to protect your interests:

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